I’m the president of my school’s Peace Club. I plan events, I bring in food, I recruit new members, whatever. My most important duty, in my humble opinion, is making flyers. Flyers for events or just to promote the club in general. It doesn’t matter, I’ll take any excuse to make one. It’s come to my attention, however, that I really suck at making flyers. Like, badly. I know this because I’ve yet to get a single one approved by our club’s moderator. This isn’t a rant article, I’m just petty. Below the cut are all of my (great) rejected Peace Club flyers. 
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Walgreens Ruined My Life (Photos)

“We can still post them. We’ll pass them off as ‘artsy’.” – Alex, Co-Writer, Local Farmer, Aunt

Walgreens lowkey ruined the pictures from my First Communion and one of baby me leaning against a door in my house. We’re still not on speaking terms.