A Series of Unfortunate Employments

This is an informal record of my past and current professions. Think of it as an exposé. The good, the bad, and the ugly of teen employment. Making a Living: A Cautionary Tale. Everything you didn’t know and didn’t care to know about the hustle and grind.
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No Edge

What behavior constitutes edgy? Having a choker necklace and a belly button ring with marked up gym shoes? Or being an aggressive shut-in with artistic tendencies? Or just being really obnoxious? If it’s all or any of those three, every and any “edgy” person is just a replica of three notable female teen stars.

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Fan Interference

What would the editors of this blog be if not obsessed with mentioning how much we love all-things Chicago? New Yorkers, probably. For fellow Chicagoans coming along for the ride, this post is 50% about Steve Bartman. For un-fellow foreigners joining us, you must be thinking: “Great, I love Resevoir Dogs”.

Okay, okay, as much as I would love to write an exposé, or whatever, on the internet’s tendency to obsess over something to the point of utter meme-ery, I chose to further my accomplishing of what I was placed on this world to do: make insane comparisons between two relatively low-level pop culture institutions.  And today I serve to you a complicated version of the childhood meme: What came first the chicken or the egg, or, what came first the fiction or the reality, OR, Grounded for Life S1:E10 VS. the Steve Bartman incident.

Here I must disclaim: Bear with me if you hate watching baseball (but are “ok” with the idea of it) and love underrated sitcoms.



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